5 Reasons Why Reverse Belly Button Rings are Popular

Body Jewelry has taken the fashion world by storm now. It doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your gender is, body jewelry is meant to attract you. It not only enhances your bodily features, but also creates a unique fashion statement. Generally, body jewelry is meant for body parts like naval, eye brows, ear lobes and nose, and enhances one’s beauty. Belly button is also a body part, where fashion trendy people like to use body jewelry.

People who generally wear jewelry in their belly button, they occasionally forget the fact that they have also have the option of wearing a reverse belly button ring. Now, the name comes from the fact that, these type of rings fits in to the bottom of the belly button, and hanged from the top, thus giving it a reverse look, and hence the name. Reverse Belly button, apart from being highly fashionable also has a lot of advantages to it, which would be apparent to the user once they start using it.

Today, in the market, when it comes to jewelry for belly buttons, what you will see mostly are the top down belly button rings, playboy belly button rings and the dangle belly button rings. The playboy belly rings generally come in various zodiac shaped patterns, and also encompasses the person who is wearing that show her sensual side. Now, if you have the finance to spend on a belly button ring, then you might go for a diamond studded rings which are available at Wicked. Wicked is an ecommerce store which has a huge plethora of body jewelries.

Now, in this article, let us see some of the advantages of reverse belly button rings, and why are they so popular.

  • The primary advantage to a reverse belly ring is that, it does not get attached to the cotton or the synthetic clothing you wear. Therefore, a reverse belly ring is considered to be much safer than the normal belly rings, since the other types of belly ring’s get attached to the clothing and can damage the cloth, or it can even hurt you physically.
  • Similarly, what may happen with other type of belly rings is that it might get caught to other people passing by, or an object, and which might lead to the accidentally tearing apart of the ring, which will cause immense pain to the user and may even need to be admitted to the hospital. Belly ring wearers are often very cautious about these things, because everybody wants to avoid such painful circumstances.
  • Moreover, reverse belly buttons also feature a lot of unique features which the normal belly buttons doesn’t. One of the most common shape in which a reverse belly button is easily available is a butterfly shape. Flowers are also very common when it comes to reverse belly button. If you want a simpler belly button, with no shapes, then you can go for a simple bar shaped piercing, which looks smart as well as elegant.
  • The variations are never ending when it comes to a reverse belly button ring. Variation in terms of material, shape and sizes are more when it comes to reverse rings, than normal belly button rings.
  • The reversible belly button ring is also more fashionable than the normal rings because the dangling or the hanging look it imparts actually gives it an unique essence.

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