6 strange but fascinating facts about water purifiers

It’s a well-established fact that water is vital for optimal health. But what if it is tainted? While municipal tap water is deemed fit for human consumption, there is a fair chance it is loaded with pollutants and contaminants. Ingesting suspended impurities is dangerous and can have an adverse effect on health. A water purifier for home is the solution. The functional appliance can ensure you and your family has easy access to fresh and safe drinking water at all times.

While the benefits of water purifiers for our general well-being are indisputable, there’s a lot you don’t know about this incredible appliance. Let’s throw some light on 6 fascinating water purifier facts.

  1. The invention of Water Purifier:

The predicament of water pollution goes back to the early civilization. Treatment measures like boiling water under the sun and filtration via sand/gravel were employed in yester years. Greek scientist Hippocrates conceptualised the first domestic filter in 500 BC, and the first major water purification plant was built in Scotland in 1804. Over time the methods kept improving, leading to the creation of modern-day water purifiers.

  1. RO & UV Water Purifiers:

Water purifiers for home use cutting-edge RO and UV technologies to deliver water that is safe for consumption. The former uses reverse osmosis, a method that involves passing pressurized water through a semi-absorbent membrane to weed out heavy metals and dissolved impurities. UV purifiers, on the other hand, remove contaminants and the disease-causing microorganisms from the water via UV radiations.

  1. 100% Pure Water:

A water purifier has the ability to deliver 100% safe and healthy water for consumption. The units selectively remove hazardous contaminants like chlorine, excess TDS, chemicals, toxins, arsenic and other impurities through innovative techniques and multiple purification stages. Simultaneously, they retain the natural mineral deposits that are essential for maintaining good health.

  1. The Range of Benefits:

Besides being a healthy source of H2O, water purifiers bestow a host of other benefits. The treated water is pure and considered ideal for face wash, especially for better skin care. Clean water also helps in digestion and weight loss. Not to mention, purified water prevents damage to kitchen appliances and makes a notable difference to the quality of food in terms of colour and taste.

  1. Pioneers of RO in India:

Reverse osmosis, the most reliable technique to deliver clean and refreshing water in homes was relatively unknown in India until the late 1990s. The main mode of treating water was earlier ultraviolet. Kent was the first company to launch RO water purifiers in the nation. Dr Mahesh Gupta, CMD of the company, developed an RO water purifier after a thorough analysis of various systems across the world. Kent began marketing the units in 1999.

  1. RO is no More About Water Wastage:

RO purifiers have often been slammed for water wastage. Apparently, 80% water discharged during the purification process has to be flushed away because of high TDS levels. However, the new “Save Water Technology” tackles this issue effectively. The revolutionary measure purifies 50% of the water and hoards the remainder in an inbuilt extra tank for utilisation in other household chores.

In a nutshell, a water purifier for home has become a basic necessity. So go ahead and install it. Trust us you will perceive a marked difference in your daily life.

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