7 factors that influence the decision to use IOT infrastructure

In fact, an abbreviation of three words, which only superficially describes the concept of IOT, essentially veils the complexity of what it really is. There are many articles on how this technology can be applied and in what areas of activity it will affect. But, most likely, what is the Internet of things in fact, no one understood.

Nevertheless, at the present time, the space industry is quite developed, which has led to many issues and trends related to large market segments. Here are 7 examples of problems that experts Kaa note:

1. There was a backlog of data management of the Internet of things

Due to the fact that a lot of micro services are trying to create a strong intellectual front, this provides the growth of computing power in more devices that are included in the system. But the data processing mechanism itself remains unchanged: the algorithm itself processes the data on the edge, transfers it to the cloud or completely discards it, and so on.

To date, most of the functions that are configured for data management are preferentially set up individually for each new IOT project. It is very expensive. Thus, the price reduction for this process will be significantly affected by standardization.

2. Absence of department stores

If you want to develop a serious IOT project, then you should think about choosing a supplier. Often, they are selected somewhat, given that this work is a game in the ecosystem, so you will have to work in several of its layers. Therefore, for work it is necessary to provide a cloud provider, equipment supplier, software developer and so on.

If you do not have a one-stop shop, do not expect a successful project with one partner. You will always be assisted somewhat.

3. Calculations of the liquid medium

To develop IOT at the present time, a number of opportunities are being tested, both on large and small devices. For example, you purchased a border router. It analyzes data from 2-3 or more surveillance cameras. Today they are working to increase the intelligence of the end devices of the system. The user will note the incredible growth of such intelligence.

Thus, we can say that the future network is an intellectually developed system capable of choosing a logical place in the chain where data processing is necessary. Their processing will occur at different points:

  • In place
  • On the local edge
  • In the cloud and so on.

4. Reuse

If you planned a large-scale deployment for the company, then it is necessary in the building to ensure cooperation between the contractor and the IOT supplier. This is necessary before the communication infrastructure is laid, in order to use the same infrastructure to deploy the network.

5. Data

Before implementing a major deployment, your company must answer the question, and who owns the data? Most vendors with whom you work closely together want to benefit from the data they collect from their devices deployed in the client building.

Imagine, after the release of equipment for production, often the manufacturer wants to keep the data coming out of the sensors, even when this equipment will work in the factory of the entrepreneur. The operator working on this equipment also needs data that he can analyze and optimize, and this is important for reducing costs and increasing production. But the entrepreneur does not want to share this information with the supplier.

Many analysts believe that the customer will have to look for a compromise, taking into account the advantages of innovative technologies, the ability to monitor and optimize the plant’s operation, agreeing to the exclusive control of its data, which will be processed by the supplier.

The customer of industrial production must decide how important to him is the value of his own data and the rights to them in relation to the improvement of his products and services provided to the consumer.

6. Management

Probably, it became clear that the majority of disputes and discussions about the IOT infrastructure revolves around the data existing in the network. So, the question of where the data is located in the physical sense, goes into the background, especially at the present time, when in many European countries the rules of data storage become tougher.

In accordance with them, processing data in the cloud causes a lot of problems when you cooperate with international clients, and their data are subject to and are being circumcised in different countries.

7. There is no need for regular boundary calculations

“Smart building” can become such without boundary calculations. Data from all the devices that enter the IOT system will be processed in the cloud. So, in a building you do not need to install servers or virtual machines.



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