7 Simple Summer Car Care Tips

You may have summer vacation on your brain, but your vehicle is working even harder at this time of year. The high summer temperatures will take their toll on your vehicle.Maintenance of your transportation is of utmost importance tolessen the odds of mechanical failure. For your summer time road trips, make sure your vehicle is ready to handle some sun-drenched driving. High temperatures, flurries of dust and dirt, and the occasional rain can all take a toll on your vehicle’s most important systems. Here are a few car care tips to help you summer protect your car.

Coolant system

Keeping cool during summers is of paramount importance, not only for you but also for your car. Check the hoses, coolant fluids and the coolant reservoirs of your car. Keep an eye out for leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block. Every once in a while squeeze the hoses so that they are firm. The coolant should be changed annually on most vehicles. Keep the cooling system fresh and clean inside to prevent corrosion and assure that the coolant has the proper boiling point and protection.

Air conditioning system

Check the air conditioning system of your cars regularly. If the systems have not been working properly, it’s time to get serious. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, hire a qualified mechanic to check for any leaks.  There are plenty of leak-sealing products and refrigerant rechargers available from stores.


The tires of your car also need regular care and inspection. Be diligent enough to get them thoroughly inspected by learned mechanics to ensure their proper working. Tire pressure must be regulated, treads should be free of stones, stray nails and the like, and all four should be in good condition. Summer time is the time of road trips; proper checking of tires before starting your journeys is must. Always keep a spare tire in the back of your car.


Checking the battery of your cars is very important, they can fail at any time. Use professional equipments to detect weak batteries. Scrape away corrosion from posts and cable connections, clean all surfaces of the battery and re-tighten all connections.

Clear your vision

Summer rains in Toronto can have heavy impact on the windshields of your car, thus affecting your vision while driving. Maintenance of the wipers and windshield washer fluids also becomes important.


Other fluids

Checking engine oil, break fluids, power steering and windshield washer fluids is very crucial. If your brakes are not working efficiently new pads and a system bleed might be required.

Air filter

Your cars’ air filters might be clogged because of decomposing winter leaves or any other such factor. Summer is the time to buy a new one or clean the old one. Many modern cars have cabin filtration which is highly beneficial. You may change these filters yourself but if in doubt consult a qualified technician.

Following these basic tips can help you cherish the functionality of your car for many years.

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