All About Women Carrying A Concealed Firearm

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Once the decision has been made that carrying a concealed gun is something you want to do, you must remember that are stringent laws which must be adhered to or else you run the risk of no longer being able to carry a gun at all. One of these laws is that the weapon must always be carried in a holster and the trigger must be covered at all times. Be aware that there are companies which manufacture holsters that do not fully cover the trigger. Under no circumstances should these be purchased and used. Gun ownership is a great and serious responsibility and if these initial rules cannot be followed to the letter, then you are probably not ready for the responsibility of a concealed carry permit.

When it comes to women carrying a concealed weapon, there is an additional challenge of being able to wear it comfortably. Any womens gun apparel should be carefully considered before purchasing it. Women tend to wear clothing that is form-fitting and made from fabrics which are thin or sheer. Most women do not wear loose-fitting shirts or trousers such as men do. Since the purpose of carrying a concealed weapon is to keep it accessible but hidden from view, the style of dress must be carefully considered before going out.

The holster should also be inspected to ensure it was made for a woman’s body. Just because the holster is pink does not mean the holster was designed with the natural curves a woman has in mind. It is widely known that most holsters are designed to be worn by men. Fortunately, this is quickly changing as more and more women are starting to become pro-gun advocates and filing to be able to carry concealed firearms.

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