The Pros and Cons of CNC Machining

CNC machines or Computer Numerical Control Machining are one way to boost your business. They are mainly used in the manufacturing sector. But, they have their own pros and cons. These are listed below-


  1. Continuous use- CNC machining can be put to use for any length of time, whether it is 24 hours a day or every day for an entire day. In the case it needs to be sent for maintenance, it will have to be turned off else it can work continuously without a break
  2. Consistency- You will have to program a particular design onto the CNC machining only once. Following this, it can do your work for you and replicate your design for several thousand products
  3. Low skill requirement- There is no particular skill that one must possess in order to operate this machining and it can be learnt easily. Training an individual to operate the software can be done on a virtual software itself and is not time consuming
  4. Reduced manpower- when you use CNC machining, you do not need anyone to oversee its functioning as it works perfectly on its one
  5. Flexibility- based on what your requirement is, you can reprogram the machining to produce a different part in a very short period of time. This allows you to stay updated with customer demands as well as popular trends in the market
  6. Easy technology- in addition to allowing you to create things that are manually impossible to replicate, this technology only requires you to update its software instead of investing in new tools entirely


  1. High cost- CNC machining are a lot more expensive than machines that can be manually operated. However over time, the demand for CNC machining is increasing and this is leading to an increase in its supply leading to a gradual decrease in its cost
  2. Skills loss- there is a loss of skills in new students and employees as they no longer need to master the skills they previously required in manually operated machines. While this does simplify work, this can be a cause of the loss of knowledge that has been preserved and massed on for several hundred years
  3. Unemployment- CNC machining has simplified the process mainly by making everything automated and reducing the need for manpower. While this can save the manufacturing unit a lot of money, it has resulted in the growing rate of unemployment as labourers are no longer required in these heavy industries.

When you compare the pros and cons listed in this article, you will realise that there are certainly more pros than cons for using CNC machining. While at present it is still a heavy monetary investment, bear in mind that this is a onetime cost that you will be able to recover by saving on labour costs as well as replacing manual machines constantly. You will end up saving a lot of money, time and effort in the long run once you start using CNC machining.

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