Creating a lead-generating website

If you are thinking about a platform that will generate leads, then, a website is the right avenue. However, the leads are as good as the website. A landing page that is intended to generate the leads doesn’t have to take all the time, nope, you only need to get the facts right. You only need to know what works and why it works. You want a site that is authoritative, that would increase the trust factor and increase the rate of conversions- then, follow through and see how.

Provide a contact number

You need credibility to your offer as you increase customer trust with your product. A contact number will give an option to those who would like to call and get further details. Even if no one calls, it gives some comfort to the visitors that you are a genuine site/ person and not just another online con.

Posting forms on every site’s page

Your target is to generate leads and therefore a lead generating form is an easy way of letting in viable leads to your site. Here, your aim is to get the basic and valuable information and thus it has to be simple; many people don’t want to be interrogated and therefore keep it plain and simple – the simpler the form, the more generous with information the visitors will be. The forms should be put in a visible position where the customers will notice and fill them- where possible, visual clues such as arrows and some enticing offers are other ingenious ways of turning leads.

For greater credibility, add photos and testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool; in addition, photos and rich audio or visual media take it further. Although most of the rich media versions would be bandwidth- heavy, the solid ones can as well give a boost to your site offerings.

Your videos should speak to the user

Many users would be more enticed while viewing a product video than just an ad. The video bridges the gap between offline and online commerce and would in a big way increase the conversion rate. If your video has to perform, it must speak to the viewer and not at them.

Using trust seals

Evidence from the big names has shown that incorporating a trust seal on your site would increase its conversion rate. The website design services provider must help you choose a seal that would be backed by a guarantee to the convert.

The primary objective of a company’s site is to generate leads and therefore this has to be in the mind of the designer. The sites landing page is the greeting page which determines how a visitor will likely buy from you.


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