Effective Tips to Manage a Remote Marketing Team

Lately, people seem to prefer working remotely rather than a typical 9 to 5 desk job.  Startups and marketing teams seem to be the forerunners in employing remote workers to reduce cost without compromising on productivity.  Marketing teams that work remotely help in the delivering high quality products and services to the clients. The problem with a traditional team is the overhead problem that also comes with it. Marketing strategies should be capable of delivering hard-hitting results and it must be scalable.

Tips to Manage the Remote Marketing Team

Here are a few tips that will help you manage the marketing team, irrespective of the size, as long as they work remotely.

  1. Effective Communication: Any remote team will operate successfully only when the communication between the members of the team and the overall team is good. Few benefits of effective communication are
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and misunderstanding. This issue is commonly found in remote teams. Taking up habits, like messaging and conducting morning meetings over instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, will help. At these meetings, the status of the work can be analyzed. All the members of the team will feel valued and important.
  • At the end of the week, it is important to get the team together. This will help them understand that issues that anyone in the team or the organization might face affect them all, the same way that the work each person does benefit them all collectively. This is also a good time to regroup and strategize. Set time apart for managing and reviewing the performance.
  • The communication tools generally used include video conference calls, chats, and other techniques when there needs to be a brainstorming session with all the members pitching ideas. It is also easy to have a personal meeting with the use of technology with members of the team.

For communication to be efficient, all the members of the team should be equipped with suitable tools. For instance, a laptop and a mobile phone can be considered as mandatory for a person working in the remote marketing team.

  1. Planning and Scheduling:

Blog posts and releases to be made as well as data that should be reverted to the organization should follow a schedule. Create a schedule in the first place and make sure that it is adhered to. This way, all the members of the marketing team can give their input and make their contribution to the organization.  The planning process should be such that it is also repetitive. For instance, schedule sending a report to the organization every Friday. This way, all the members will know that the report will be sent on Friday and will make their contributions. Apart from this, marketing has a lot to do with social media. Emails are sent out, social media pages are maintained and so many other functions are performed on schedule, like clockwork. Because it is so time bound, the other members of the team can contribute to the creation of content for the audience to read.  Another effective strategy to be employed is the automation of work. Publishing in all the social media pages can be automated. It is also possible to market using emails by automation as well as manage the customer relationship automatically. By making the monotonous tasks less redundant, it is possible to enjoy higher productivity and creativity.

  1. Tracking Performance:

When a manager is dealing with the remote marketing team, productivity will be a major concern. There are chances of the members of the team losing enthusiasm and passion and could get side-tracked. In these cases, the manager should track the performance of both, the team and the individuals in the team. By tracking the performance, the project can be taken care of and deadlines can be met.

To keep the morale of the team high, some steps that could be taken include using the meetings that are held every week to lay emphasis on the accomplishments of the individuals and the team as a whole. Top performers should be provided with special recognition with highlight to how their contribution has brought the team closer to its mission. The performance should be measured in terms of quantifiable metrics. This way, there are no issues of being biased and injustice and the manager are not blinded by favoring a particular member of the team. By having quantifiable data, it is possible to properly manage the team and have sufficient data for the same. Results can also be monitored based on the effort invested in marketing.

  1. Tools Used

A manager’s role becomes very easy when a remote team has to be managed with the help of technology. There are several tools that are available online which can potentially help in centralizing the workspace. By centralizing the workspace, it is possible to encourage the sense of ownership in a team and a feeling of belonging to a team. It also creates transparency between the manager and the members of the team. The other members will also have information regarding their progress and can work towards individual growth as well as organization growth.

Some common tools that are normally used by managers when a remote marketing team is involved include,

  1. Slack: It is a real-time messaging app which is private. This means that individual information can also be shared. The file manager operator works in the drag-and-drop method.
  2. Trello: projects are managed and tasks are assigned as well as work is scheduled by the use of an intuitive interface. It arranges projects and tasks by using virtual pin boards.
  3. Basecamp: Apart from the features available in Trello, Basecamp allows users to collaborate and track milestones.
  4. Google Drive and Dropbox: These cloud services are the most commonly used services that remove redundancy. It is a simple file-sharing platform.

With remote workers, the cost of operation involved for a marketing team reduces significantly. The team can be successful with proper planning, correct implementation, and effective communication, along with proper performance tracking tools.

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