Efficient Ways to Optimize your Blog Posts

optimize your blog post

Do you have a business blog? Chances are that you already understand the importance of business blogging. However, are you aware of the importance of blog optimization? There are several bloggers who fail to grab the attention of the audience because of not having SEO friendly blogs. According to a recent research by bloggers.com, more than 60% of business have their business blogs and more than 65% of the bloggers have not updated their blogs in the past year. By publishing relevant and fresh content with basic blog optimization can help you increase blog visibility.

Here are a few easy steps to help you get your blog noticed:


Research is very important, therefore do your research before starting. Keyword research is highly important for page optimization. There are a variety of tools and techniques including Google AdWords and SEMrush.com for finding relevant keywords to your topic. These tools can even help you keep an eye on keywords used by your competitors to bring traffic to their sites.

Keyword Placement

Using relevant keywords throughout your blog post can help you impress readers as well as search engines. After targeting relevant keywords, you need to properly place it in the text. Accurate keyword research and proper placement have the most impact on index crawling of the text. Try to include keywords in titles, headings and subheading, introductory sentence and concluding paragraph. In addition, keyword placement in anchor text and title tags and meta descriptions also increase the value of the text.

Keyword Stuffing

Avoid Keyword stuffing, it is the act of filling your content with lots of keywords. Keyword stuffing decreases the value of the content and makes it difficult for readers to read. It will not only irritate your blog followers but your blog will also be penalized by Google.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization, a very important thing to do. Whenever you use any photo for your blog, ensure to include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternative text with keyword enrich text.


Make sure to reference facts in your blog, especially when you mention another article or blogger in your post. It is not only a good blogging technique but it may receive a link back. Without any doubt, quality links are important for any website aiming to rank high on the search engine.


Blog subscription is another important step to take. Make sure to provide your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blogs via email. You can provide the option of subscription by prominently placing Feed Subscription Buttons or RSS. Subscription will immediately notify readers about your post without having to check your site for new content.

Social Media

Effectively utilize social media to increase reach of your blog posts. Famous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ can help create connections with your existing and potential clients. You can also use free programs like Hootsuite to make promote your sites, programs like this make it easy to post links to blogs. A few clicks and you can easily schedule your post.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy higher ranking, increased traffic and high conversion rate. Too busy to optimize your blogs? Semnexus have got you covered, we are one of the best SEO Agencies NYC that can help you become prominent on renowned search engines.


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