How to Choose A Mutual Fund Mobile App Wisely

Mutual fund investment has become simpler with the advent of mobile apps. These mutual fund apps make investments easier by saving on time and making transactions hassle-free. There are many mobile apps which offer direct mutual fund plans, liquid fund plans etc and helping investors save on the expense costs.

But it is of utmost importance that you choose a mutual fund wisely. But how can you choose a good mutual fund app?

  • Choose a mutual fund you want to invest in. Decide if you want to do it through an all-around app, or through the app of the mutual fund house
  • Check for reviews on Google play store and Apple App store
  • Make sure there are no bugs and the application is up to date

How to invest in Mutual Funds using a mobile app?

  1. You need to register and login in the app
  2. If your KYC is done then you can start investing directly. If your KYC is not done then you can do it through the app. Mutual fund apps like Indiabulls Saral provide the service of KYC through the app itself. The in-person verification is done via a video call.
  3. To become KYC compliant you need to fill in the details and complete the verification process. You need to upload the set of documents required.

If you are a novice investor then it is advisable that you take guidance from financial advisors. As a novice you might start investing in Mutual funds, thinking it is the safest option. But like other markets, mutual funds are risky too. If there is a loss then ideally you do not have to exit on this lowest point of your investment holding cycle. This is where financial advisors can help you with mobile mutual fund investments.

Investments in mutual funds through mobile apps such as Indiabulls Saral, has made the process easier and swift. These apps offer convenience and also help track your portfolio on the go. If you are KYC verified then you can start investing in minutes. You can choose to invest as per your requirements and financial goals. Investments in liquid mutual funds in India has been made accessible with apps such as Indiabulls Saral which let you invest in liquid mutual funds by Indiabulls AMC. These mobile apps are a boon for investors from small cities who can divert their savings directly towards mutual funds through the mobile app.

As two sides of the same coins, mobile mutual fund apps cannot be trustworthy when it comes to choosing a mutual fund and also doing a risk assessment. There are apps which show mutual funds as the best ones based on 1 to 3 years of past performance, whereas the fund must be existing for more than 5 years. SOme mobile apps may also lack quality research. Make sure you look for these factors when you choose a mutual fund app.

Choosing a mutual fund app is an important step of choosing the right mutual fund to invest in. Take an informed decision and invest accordingly.

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully

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