How to Cool an Outdoor Concert Venue

Outdoor concerts are popular, especially during the summer months. Some audience members come to festivals that last for days at a time, and others stop by for several hours to watch their favorite performers. However, the heat can be jarring and even dangerous. Keeping the space cool when possible is important, so these tips from MovinCool should help event planners allocate cooling as necessary.

Portable Units

Purchasing portable AC units is one way to deal with the heat. These units generally need to vent, so you would have to set them up in an area where that is possible. Setting up a cooling station where attendees can go to stand by the air conditioners and have some cold water is a good idea.

Maximize Usage of Space

If you have any indoor space available, such as a tent, you should consider setting up the portable room air conditioner in there. While having the air conditioners outside might provide some breeze, doing so will not keep the cool air contained to one space. Putting the units indoors, however, will.

Explore Alternative Cooling

When you are interested in outdoor cooling, you can look into other ways to keep guests cool, such as by providing complimentary beverages. While you do want to generate sales for the concert, consider the serious and potentially fatal implications of attendees who do not consume enough water.

Final Thoughts

Heatstroke is a serious issue, especially for individuals who have certain medical conditions. When you are planning an outdoor concert, you should make sure that medical personnel are on the scene in the event that an emergency arises.

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