How to Make Your Front Yard Stand Out This Summer

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Summer means lots of outdoor time and perhaps a few visitors from around the neighborhood to your house. You don’t want them to have to fight through a bramble of overgrown weeds and bushes, so making your front yard presentable should be a goal this summer. How so? Get inspired with this short list of to-dos.

Bolster Curb Appeal with a Well-Manicured, Green Lawn and a Garden of Gorgeous, Well-Tended Flowers

The most enticing front yards are beautiful with well-manicured, bright green lawns and gorgeous, well-tended flowers. You don’t have to hire a professional to make your lawn look that good either—unless you want to. Take up gardening to learn how to make your lawn grassy, green, and perfect for your choice of springtime blooms.

Keep Your Front Yard Tidy but Add Leading Décor, such as Stepping Stones to Your Front Door

Leading décor are stones and things that you use to lead guests to your front door. Kind of like a red carpet for celebrities or a footpath of flower petals for newlyweds. For the front yard, you can use stepping stones to invite guests to your door. You could even get your kids to color a few of them to make the concept stand out from other homes on your block.

Give Your Mailbox a Classy, Colorful Makeover

What’s your favorite color? Have you ever seen the mailbox and handprints scene in the Disney movie UP? Personalizing your mailbox with classy colors, and perhaps a unique design, can add a touch of curb appeal to your home.

You and your family each could add a handprint on a colorful mailbox, complete with your family name on the sides in beautiful cursive. Or you could decorate your mailbox with the holidays. You’d be surprised how easy it is to turn your mailbox into a snowman just in time for winter.

Build a Front Porch or Deck Where You Can Sit with a Glass of Iced Tea and Watch the World Go by on Hot Days

Watching the world go by is an old Southern United States saying that means sitting and being in the moment. This act is best done on a well-built front porch or deck with a nice glass of iced tea and some good company.

Living in an apartment instead of a home? Present these ideas to FIDI apartment brokers to better the curb appeal of the whole complex.

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