How to use your android phones smartly?

It is almost impossible to see a person not owning a mobile phone these days. What was once considered a luxury item has now become a necessity, thanks to the numerous uses that it is put into nowadays. Even among mobile phones, majority of people opt to go for the ones which work on Android platform. Hardly one can come across anyone in India not familiar with the word “Android.” It would be only an understatement if it is told that this particular platform of Android has attained a path-breaking success in the world of mobile phones. Having said that, it is also true that many of the Indians buy phones based on Android considering it only as a hallmark of prestige, not knowing its full utility. So here are some of the ways in which you can smartly use mobile phones working on Android platform.

Android mobiles save time:

Gone are those days where people used to go hither and thither for many purposes like paying electricity bills, doing bank transactions, booking railway and flight tickets, etc., This is no longer the case nowadays. People can just go and download respective apps pertaining to banks, ticket bookings, electricity board, etc., and achieve their purpose in no time. These apps are very fast and are neatly organised too. What more, while booking tickets for movies for example, you can even pick up the seats which you feel comfortable to watch from. You can accomplish many tasks by just sitting in your drawing room.

Android – your best friend during idle time:

A smart phone working on Android platform is the best instrument to kill the idle time. An android play store contains thousands of games which you can choose to play. Nowadays, most of the people almost unanimously opt to download online Rummy apps more than anything and play the game exhaustively. Rummy game is not only a game of skill that helps you become a better person, but it also helps you win a decent amount of money during idle time. Now imagine how beneficial it would be for you if you are able to utilise the time in playing Rummy which is the most happening thing in India. In short, if you want to use your idle time fruitfully, then Rummy games working on android platform is the best companion that you have been looking for.

Android reduces cash transactions:

Carrying cash wherever you go is definitely an added burden, let alone safeguarding it. Same is the case with credit and debit cards. When you have a mobile with Android platform, you can download and keep apps like PayTM, Bhim, etc., and use them to do all money transactions. Nowadays even a very small shop accepts PayTM transactions. All you need to do is to scan the QR code kept in the shops and pay the money in one go. Isn’t it quite easy? Even some of the taxi and auto drivers in India have switched to PayTM nowadays. Soon a time may come when India will become a home of cashless economy.

Android – a place of online shopping:

It is no more needed to visit departmental stores, shops, showrooms, etc., to buy the things one needs. Everything can be done online. Android has many apps like FlipKart, Amazon, to name a few which exhibit everything that you need. You can carefully browse through them and select the goods that you needed to buy. You get the items delivered at your doorstep in a few days’ time. Android does not have apps only for buying but there are apps like OLX which can be used to sell your second-hand items at a decent rate. All you need to is to describe the items that you need to sell and display a photo of the same for others to have a look. Interested people can contact you and you can have the same sold quite easily. The phones are after all called smart for a reason. Isn’t it?

Android – a school of learning:

Last but certainly not the least, you can learn many new things daily by using Android phones and teach whatever you have learned to the outside world. Many new things can be learnt by searching on YouTube. Whatever items you have relished buying from outside, you can learn to make them by yourself. You can use that learning and get some innovative ideas on your own too. You can start you own YouTube channel and share your knowledge with likeminded people.

So, those are some of the ways by which your Android based phones can be smartly used to achieve many things which you would have barely imagined otherwise. Whether it is about Rummy game download apk or whether it is about buying or selling or perhaps even doing bank transactions – everything makes Android platform a thing to cherish and relish.

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