How the Spearheading IOT Technology are Impacting ERP Systems

Internet of Things came to public recently with its integration into various industry and commercial businesses. Previously, IOT was a term which was generally known to computer science researchers, who were working on bringing it to the usage of the normal population. Since, it has come in to the tech lead business world, it has taken the commercial world by storm, and today, every other industry is looking to integrate IOT in some form or the other. As IOT researchers promised that, IOT will change the paradigm of the Internet over the next 50 years, IOT has been keeping its promises by successful integration of IOT technology in almost all industry. Incorporating the legacy of IOT, ERP Systems or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, will also become more efficient, dynamic, integrated and secure.

Before understanding how IOT can help ERP systems, we need to actually know what are ERP Systems? So, ERP System is basically a process which every other company undergoes, where the company manages the important parts of the business and bring them together and sum them up in to a complete image. So, for instance, if a company is manufacturing a product, they will have areas such as planning, inventory, sales, purchasing, finance etc. ERP System basically integrates all this thing under a single hood, thus making all of this more accessible and smooth. Now, when this ERP system is paired with IOT, the functions become smoother and hence, help the company to perform efficiently. Owing to this fact, in this article, we will discuss how IOT and ERP Systems can work together to enhance the productivity of the business.

IOT is Evolving Conventional Business Models

As we said, IOT has been changing the paradigm of the industry in a huge manner. It is taking up each step in a business process, and then making them more structured. Obviously, with the vast benefits of IOT, every other company will try to integrate it in to their business, but all of them will not succeed.

The reason why every company cannot deploy it successfully, is pretty simple. The reason is that, to implement IOT, there is a change that is needed in the internal workings of the company. The fundamental architecture of the company sometimes becomes the roadblock in implementing a new technology. Now, this shift in the business procedure is not going to come within a day or within a week. It requires extensive planning. Thus, if you are business owner and is looking forward to implement IOT, then plan it as a long-term plan.

Benefits of IOT Integration

The goal of the ERP System is broadly to deliver correct information about the business levels to the strategy makes of the company. Sometimes, the strategy makes may be served by faulty data, but with the integration of IOT, there is no chance of it, since, IOT already has an immense set of data available over the Internet, which would make the ERP system more efficient.

Before integrating IOT with ERP Systems, it is always advisable to talk to an expert service, who has software engineers at their disposal, who have experience in integrating ERP systems with IOT. Open Automation Software or OAS, has been developing solutions to implement IOT in industries and has been hugely successful in it. They are the frontrunners in providing solutions with business automation in various environments, which is helping the industry in a large way. Contact them to know more.

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