Private and Public Digital Evidence and Forensic Investigation

In this article, we will discuss about Digital Evidence, and its usages in specific fields. This article will also give some of the possible types of crime that can be solved through digital forensic investigation.

Digital Forensics

In digital forensics, the information and data from any storage digital media is Tran scripted and investigated to be put forward in court, when questions are asked or put forward regarding that.

In private investigations, digital forensic experts can use digital forensics to gather evidence, for example against an employee, who might be using the resources provided to him by the company, for his own personal interest or for his own personal business. Sometimes, even opening the browser and surfing the internet, and going to websites which is otherwise banned by the company, can also be seen as a supposed case of privacy breaching, and the company might order a digital forensic report. Now, in these private cases, for the digital forensics expert to actually do something, the court should first grant the request of an attorney who would be fighting for the defendant, which in this case is the Company. In these cases, the employee is subject to punishments according to the company policies, sometimes criminal liabilities also.

Moreover, digital forensics also give information if the employee has breached any of the agreements that he has done with the company. For instance, forensic investigation can find out data which proves that the employee has accessed records and information without the company’s authorization, which means that he has violated his agreement with the company.

On the contrary, public investigations are only triggered when the crime has already been committed and there’s no coming back from it. In these cases, the digital forensic investigation team is only called for when the crime that has occurred has used computers in a specific way. For instance, crimes associated with copyright violations, piracy etc. Sometimes, computers are used as a tool for the crime that was committed. For instance, to store illegal money laundering networks in the country.

Digital Evidence Collection

Digital Evidence needs to be collected in several prominent roles, and some of the roles are,

  • Physical Technology Collection-: The forensic investigators collect the media, such as the hard disk, or the SSD’s, or the pen drive or any other form of physical media, which can be used to store data.
  • Physical Media Analysis-: The forensic investigators, will collect the data, from the physical media, and then search for any fingerprints, or will search for files that may give them any clue about the crime that has happened. This role requires someone who has a deep understanding in computer science.
  • Digital Evidence Collection-: The forensic investigators will collect all the digital data, from the devices found in the scene, and these evidences will be used in the court, as and when required.

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