Questions to Ask before Hiring Professional Movers

Home or office moving is one of the most daunting and cumbersome tasks. Lack of proper moving plan may lead to unpleasant moving experience. Moreover, moving is not a job one can do without the help of professional movers.

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Professional movers are experts in handling different types of office and home moves. Hiring a reliable mover is not an easy task. As the market is flooded with various moving companies, it is essential to look for the best and ask them right set of questions before hiring them.

Here are some important questions that you should ask before hiring professional movers for your home or office moves.

  1. Are They Licensed and Accredited?

In order to avoid moving scams and frauds, it is essential to know about the licenses and accreditations of the professional movers. Make sure that the movers you hire have certificates from relevant and authorized issuing authorities. Relatively check their license number and look for their complaint history and litigation.

  1. Do they have Experience in Handling Specific Moves?

Ask the movers where or not they have ample of experience in handling the specific type of move. Experience and proven track records define the ability of movers to deliver professional services each time. Experienced movers are able to handle all types of moves and are prepared to handle the uncertainties that may arise in distant moves.

  1. What kind of Liability Coverage do they Offer?

Before handing over the things to the movers, you would want to know about the liability of the movers if anything goes wrong during the move. Licensed movers have a variety of liability coverage for you to choose from. The coverage types include full value protection or released value protection. Full value protection makes the mover liable for replacement of lost or damaged goods in the entire shipment. Whereas, released value protection offers no additional charge on the mover.

  1. Are they Members of Local Chambers or Associations?

Membership and association with various local chambers and business groups help in determining the credibility of the professional movers. Furthermore, business ratings of the movers brief you about the ability of the movers to handle the disputes with their clients. Particularly read about the disputes of the movers and match their prices with the services provided by them.

  1. What kinds of Quotes are provided by the Professional Movers?

Generally, there are two types of quotations provided by the movers- binding quote or not to exceed estimation. Most of the moving companies provide nonbinding estimates that are subject to changes. Look for the movers who provide a binding estimate that is less likely to exceed the original cost estimates. Furthermore, ask the movers to provide you with detailed information in the quotes and seek clarifications as and when necessary.

  1. Are the Movers of the Company Employees or Contractors?

It is essential to know whether the movers are employees of the moving company or hired on contract basis. Ask the company about the details of the movers and avoid hiring contract based movers. Significantly enquire the kind of background checks of the movers carried out by the moving company.


Hiring professional movers is tedious. When hiring, you tend to think on the questions that need to be asked from the movers. Here we have an important set of questions that you should ask from movers before you hire them. To learn more, click here.


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