How to Choose the Right Bunk Bed

If you are stuck between determining the right type of bunk bed for your children then your struggle ends right away. There are varied types to choose from with respect to your room and family. They are impeccable if you are trying to find a bed that will save space. When choosing a bunk bed it is significant to pick one that will fit well in the space you have accessible. The type or style of beds that are arranged one on top of another are referred to as Bunk Beds. They are upheld by a pole in each corner and the top bunk is usually easy to get to via a ladder. The top bunk is also hemmed in by a rail to avoid the sleeper to fall out. Bunk beds can also be used outside of the home place too, normally where there is inadequate floor space like on ships, army garrisons, dormitories, hostels, prison cells or university halls of residence.

There are various type of bunk beds. Some of them are mentioned below for your convenience-

• Standard Bunk Beds – Standard bunk beds are the most common kind and they consist of two bunks, each with the equivalent sized mattress loaded with one directly under the other. Standard bunk beds are normally used for the purpose of kid’s beds.

• Twin Over Full – A twin over full is organised like a standard but as the name suggests, has a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the top bunk.

• Futon Bunk – Prescribed like a standard bunk but with a modern style mattress couch which is capable of getting converted into a bed at the bottom. These bunk beds are perfect for small flats or studio apartments as the lower part can double as a couch in the day.

• L-Shape Bunk – This type of bed has the bottom bunk placed out at a right angle to the top so that if it was to be observed from above, it would look like an L shape. The advantage to this is that it permits for a desk, chair or other furniture to be placed in the space under the top bunk.

• Loft Bed – A loft bed has only the top bunk which obliges to create space beneath that can be used for other furniture such as a sofa, a desk or a chest of draws. Some loft beds are made with structures such as storage draws or a work station built in.

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