Seeing A Neurologist For Health Issues

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If you experience any kind of pain in the back, neck or head, then you might want to consider seeing a neurologist. The physician can examine the area of the body that is causing problems, ordering tests if they are necessary to determine if there are any issues that need to be further addressed. There are some health issues that you should be more alert to than others that might warrant a visit to one of the neurologists in Broward County.

If you have any kind of pain that resonates from the nerves in the body, then this could be a sign of neuropathy. This is a condition that is common in diabetics. The pain could be anything from burning to sharp and stabbing. Most of the time, the pain is felt in the arms or the feet and lower legs. Some people who have had a stroke will experience this kind of pain.

A headache every now and then usually isn’t anything to be concerned about. If you experience headaches on a frequent basis or if you have severe headaches during the week that won’t go away with medication, you should see a neurologist. You might have a sensitivity to lights and sounds or feel nauseous when you have a migraine. These symptoms could be an indication of a brain tumor or other health issues that can be resolved with medications and other treatments.

A common reason why you might want to see a neurologist is if you have seizures, tremors or any odd movements that you can’t control. These movements can be indicative of epilepsy, Tourette’s or other conditions that involve changes in brain activity. The neurologist can order an EEG or other tests to determine exactly what is going on with the brain. Once the doctor finds out what condition is present, then proper medications can be given to help control the movements. If you have had any kind of brain injury, then you want to see a neurologist so that the physician can determine what area of the brain has been affected and how it might impact your daily activities.

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