The Brave New World Of Modern Technology

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It’s amazing to step back and really take in all the changes that have occurred in the world due to the incredibly fast developments we’ve seen in modern technology. All of this is a bit easy to take for granted, especially for the younger generation that has grown up in a world powered by lightning-speed communication via Smartphones. The fact is, it’s easy to forget that Smartphones only became one of our modern conveniences ten or more years ago. It’s also crazy to think that now most people find it impossible to live without the instant communication offered via Smartphones. Quite honestly, all of this came about due to the work of generations of scientists and tech developers, working first from radio wires and then on to thin silicon wafers that helped create the connections that have led to the revolution in personal computers.

The Real Modern World Isn’t Sci-Fi

Forty or more years ago, the idea of what the future would look like was a place with flying cars and people traveling around via jet packs on their backs. While we still haven’t achieved the convenience of flying cars, we actually are close to having self driving cars all over the road. And yes, while we don’t yet have personal jet packs, we do have the Internet, which can take us virtually to almost anywhere on the planet, allowing us to talk and see people an ocean away from us with just a few taps on the phone.

If we want to get philosophical about all this, we can take a look around and say that we’re now living in a brave new world, one close to the one Aldoux Huxley predicted in his book of the same name. Yes, a lot of us want to be in a Jetsons-style cartoon world in which every modern convenience is taken care of at lightning speed, but while we may not live in a Jetsons world just yet, we’re certainly getting close.

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