The Future of Vape Mods

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The world of vaping has changed exponentially since the first tiny little e-cigarette was introduced more than a decade ago. In that time, the industry has ballooned into a worldwide phenomenon with companies around the globe. The newest trends in vaping have been pod mods, but vape mods and vape pens still reign supreme too. Considering how quickly the vaping industry grew into what it is today, it’s interesting to speculate about what the future of vape mods will hold.

Smaller Vape Mods


When vape mods first started to gain popularity, they were big, bulky things that weighed down a vaper’s purse or pocket. Their unattractive and somewhat awkward design earned them the nickname “box mods.” Though the term “box mods” is still often used to refer to vape mods, few of the mods that are currently on the market have that same cumbersome, boxy design that their predecessors did.

In the future, we’re likely to see more and more vape mods that have a sleek, ergonomic design that’s lightweight and easy to palm. The Reuleaux RX GEN3 is a great example of where the future of vape mods is headed. This little device is so portable and light that you’d be surprised to find out it holds 3 18650 batteries!

More Pod Mods


Since vape mods are getting more and more lightweight, it’s no surprise that pod mods are gaining popular appeal. Pod mods use prefilled or refillable vape pods in a relatively low-power system. These types of vape mods are most commonly used with nicotine salt e-liquid because low-power pod mods allow users to comfortably vape at higher nicotine levels.

Smokers and vapers are likely to keep up that trend of vaping nicotine salt e-juice, so the future of vape mods will include small and inventive products like the Suorin Drop and the Bo Vape.

Vape Mods With Cool Features


These days, vape mods can do much more than just vape. There are mods out there that you can personalize with colorful lights that pulsate when you vape. There’s even a mod that has a built-in MP3 player. There’s no sign that the need for fun and distracting technology will slow down anytime soon, so vape mods will have to follow suit.

Who knows what’s next for the future of vape mods? Maybe a vape mod/cellphone combo? How about a vape mod that can do your taxes? That’s what we’d really like to see!

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