The Passion for Sports Knows No Bounds

Risk Taker, relentless work, business meetings, and product launch; this is what comes to everyone’s mind when they think of an entrepreneur. Perhaps, entrepreneurs are often perceived to be from another planet, just like Elon Musk. To an average human being, an entrepreneur may sound like a person who keeps his business above all and has no personal life. But there is much more than that to the picture. Not all entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. It is apparent that some are good at strategy, some are great money managers, some are good at people management, and some are simply awesome at all. One such example is of an entrepreneur, who is winning hearts all over America with his enthusiasm for technology and love for sports.


Amir Allahverdi, a young CEO of Los Angeles based investment company, is a person gifted with immense talent and zeal for technology. As the top executive of Platinum Investment Group, he has interests in investing in only the best inventions that have an enormous potential to serve the mankind. Surprisingly, he is also a sports lover who likes supporting and sponsoring promising athletes from all over the globe and taking their career to the zenith. I got a chance to interview one sports lover of a kind and he shares his story with us.

Amir, Thanks for taking your time today. My first question to you would be, how did you find your passion lies in sports?

Since my childhood, I had a passion for competitive sports. I was born and brought up in a strict family. My father wished a lucrative and successful career for me but not in sports. I love my father and could not resist his wishes. Consequently, I moved to the United States hoping for a bright future but deep within I always has something magnetic towards sports and even wanted to win World Cup or Olympics. I have special interests in boxing, mixed martial arts, and sport in general.

What does sport mean to you?

I feel there is something fierce in every person and sports bring that out. Perhaps, it adds a challenge and adventure in life. Personally, I have always loved playing sports right from my teenage days but for me, it’s never about winning or being the best. The buzz of trying something new, learning new skills and making friends, and enjoying is what sports mean to me. It has no boundaries. My passion for sports is evident from my enthusiasm to maintain and grow sports programs.

You have special interests in boxing and MMA. What makes you inclined towards them?

I am an avid lover of all sports but yes, I am a little biased towards MMA and boxing. When I first came to the US, I noticed a majority of kickboxing classes were basically cardio training performed majorly by women looking to improve endurance. I began to research the MMA as it is quite popular in here. Although due to time constraints I did not perform but, there was always a desire. However, in the process, I fell in love with boxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling.

The probability of getting hit on the head and sustaining injuries is very high in Martial Arts. Did it stop you from having a professional career in MMA?

I considered this when I first started but to be really honest, injuries were not a good excuse. When you enter the ring, you should not think too much about injury. If you play with half-hearted attitude, you would not be able to give your 100 percent. If you are afraid, it is better not to start in the first place. Always enter the ring against fighters who are much more experienced than you. Only then you would be able to learn and raise your game. The sheer adrenaline rush provides the ultimate pleasure.

I understand you couldn’t transform your passion for sports into a professional career. What prompted you to help other emerging sportspersons?

I realize my dream indirectly by helping promising athletes achieve their dreams. This gives me ultimate satisfaction. I consider athletes to be persistent and hardworking individuals. Daily exercise, fatigue, balanced diet and stress levels are difficult to cope with. I understand the hardships these brilliant athletes have to undergo to reach the top. Thus, I help those athletes who are willing to take risks, have the dedication to achieve something in their lives and have the ability to change this word to be better for all.

What specific qualities do you look for when offering help?

Personally, I like people with never-say-die attitude, who can be an inspiration for the masses. I would love to help a person who is ready to try and give in his best despite repeated failures. One must have a vision and specific short and long-term goals. When you are on the borderline, you either break down or rise high to shine. One who has the self-motivation will always end up achieving his goals and set an example for others to follow. Therefore, I am always in a search for hungry people who have ambitions to chase and are willing to sacrifice.

It was a pleasure talking to you Amir. But before we sign off, I have one last question in my kitty. What can we expect from you in the coming future?

Like I have mentioned it earlier, I want to revolutionize this world. I am working towards promoting a healthy lifestyle including eating habits, encouraging people to quit drinking, smoking, and drugs. The world is beautiful without these evils. I also have plans to expand in sports sponsoring industry so that I can reach to an even larger group of athletes. I wish to utilize the profits earned from my investment company so that I contribute more to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

You can connect with Amir Allahverdi on Instagram and Facebook.

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