Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Car Rentals

We all love vacations and road trips, isn’t it! For any trip, we first chart out every detail and calculate all the possible expenses. A savvy traveler begins with hunting for cheap flights and affordable rate hotel room. However, most of us don’t know that we can also save money on car rentals and often we accept car rental rates at face value.

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It is a common belief among travelers that car rental rates remain almost the same. Contrary to their belief, car rental rates do vary and there are various factors at work in car rental pricing.

So, to secure the best deal, first you need to understand that car rental rates vary from one company to another, depending on the model, day, availability, location, etc. Also, we often ignore the fact that car rental includes everything, like GPS navigation system, satellite radio, unexpected cleaning fees, unnecessary insurance to cover theft of your personal items, etc. So, you have the option accept or decline whatever service you want.

Here we have listed a few tips and tricks to help you score a cheap car rental deal and save money on your next road trip.

  • Book early

If you are planning a trip during peak holidays season, you should book at least six weeks in advance to avoid the possibility of unavailability. Making car rental reservation weeks before your vacation will not only prevent you from paying higher rates but also gives you better chances of choosing the vehicle you want.

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Most of us are unaware of the fact that car rental websites use various ways to find out our location so that they can increase their rates accordingly. To do this, they use IP address & cookie tracking, GPS tracking, Geolocation coding. This means in order to bring the prices down and save money on car rental booking, you have to use VPN along with removing your cookies. A VPN enables you to change your IP address and browse for car rentals from a location where it’s the cheapest.

  • Use Coupons for Discounts

We are living in internet-era, so make a wise use of it. The available online company coupons can get you an additional discount. Before making any deal, search for some coupon codes that you can apply to your total checkout. Coupon codes with loyalty or frequent flyer program discount together can considerably bring down your bill. All you need to do is type the name of the car rental along with the year on Google, and coupon sites will list the discounts codes.

  • Clean Browser Cookies

You might wonder why car rental websites have a fluctuating price. Well, this is because they use cookies which give them your details like the number of times you have visited company’s site, how much time you have spent on their site, and the car rentals you are checking out. Removing your browser’s cookies will save you from price fluctuations.

  • Online research

There are various websites which will help you in searching the best rental car deals. Search multiple websites and analyze the results from each of these sites carefully. Make sure the rates you compare include all the taxes and service charges.

  • Check rates at international versions of car rental websites

Another hack is to check rates at international versions of a car rental company website. The car rentals rates are not same everywhere and rates on the international version of car rental website will differ from your local version. You will find a difference in rate if you browse alternate versions by adding (.ca) for Canada or (.uk) for the United Kingdom. However, without using VPN you will be redirected to the local version of the website.

So, for your next weekend getaway or a cross-country odyssey, make sure to follow these tips and tricks to find cheap car rental deals and save huge bucks.


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