Tips For Setting Up Your Dream Home Gym

There are a lot of reasons you might prefer working out at home. For many people, it’s because they don’t want to be around other people when they’re lifting weights or doing cardio, and for others, they simply don’t want to pay the often very expensive gym fees. There’s also the fact that when you work out from home, you don’t have to drive anywhere, so you’re more likely to actually do it.

If you’re a parent, you might prefer a home gym so you don’t have to consider childcare every time you want to get a workout in.

Regardless of why you want a home gym, the following are some tips to help you set it up.


For a lot of people, space is their biggest constraint when it comes to having an area to work out at home.

You have some different options. You could set your gym up in your attached garage, or consider one of the best garage kits to build a DIY place to add your gym. This will require a bit of an upfront investment, but if you consider how much you’ll save on things like membership fees and childcare, you’ll find that it might be worth it.

If those aren’t options think about a basement, or even a sunroom or covered porch.


Flooring is one of the primary things to keep in mind when you’re planning your home gym, particularly if you’re going to be lifting weights or doing exercises that require jumping.

Rubber mats tend to work well, and they’re often used in professional gyms and exercise spaces. They will provide the density and bounce you need to protect your joints if you’re doing jumps. There are also rubber floor tiles, and cork flooring is a great option as well. Cork flooring is eco-friendly and soft, although it’s not going to absorb a ton of impact, so bear that in mind.

The Essential Equipment

What’s considered essential may vary depending on who’s working out in a home gym, but generally one of the core things you’ll need is a barbell and plate set. This is one of the foundational elements of any gym.

You’ll also likely want a bench and rack.

As far as cardio and that equipment, if you’re limited on space it’s best to choose something small such as a stationary bike, or you can opt for a treadmill that easily folds up and can be moved out of the way when necessary.

Other options you might think about include that are good for saving space and versatility regarding what you can do with them include a suspension trainer, dumbells or kettlebells.

Finally, another thing to think about when you’re designing the space is storage. You want to be able to put all of your equipment up and out of the way when necessary. Horizontal storage works well in a home gym, particularly if it’s a small space. You can use a slat wall system to make sure you can hang things and then you can add hanging baskets as well for your smaller items.


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