Top Tips For Getting Started with Kontakt

Kontakt is without question one of the best tools that a music producer can have for creating sounds that are truly rich, realistic, and organic.

Learning Kontakt is about much more than just finding the ultimate list of Kontakt libraries.


Here are top tips for getting started with Kontakt:


Make Your Libraries Load Faster

 Having to load libraries in Kontakt is not something that you will be able to avoid. Having a fast drive on your computer, such as your solid state drive, will really help with your loading times in addition to reducing playback or lag problems.

But even if you don’t have a solid state drive, you can still make your libraries load faster by simply re-saving your library. What you need to do is access the files menu and select the ‘batch re-save’ option.

Once you direct kontakt to your library, it will then embed your file path, so it will no longer need to search your entire folder for each sample. This will translate to an overall faster loading speed.


Adjust The Velocity Response

 It can be difficult to get just the right feel from your kontakt instrument or library, but it’s also a critical component of the creative process to. The best way to truly get the best feel out of your music will be to adjust the velocity response, which you can find in the advanced velocity Response Editor.

You will simply need to a chess the Multi Script scission first (via the KSP icon) in the top right section of the Kontakt window. You will then be able to adjust the response times and sensitivity of any Midi signal that’s incoming.


Keep Past Kontakt Versions

 For many people, keeping several versions of Kontakt in their machine will be a luxury. This is easily done with Kontakt. All you will need to do is rename the application file, and you will prevent it form being overwritten when Kontakt is being updated.


Limit The CPU Overload

 One of the primary causes of CPU problems is when samples are streamed from a disk. This can result in weird pop sounds and random cut out sin your audio.

The best way to prevent this is to enable the CPU overload protection, which you can locate within the engine options panel of Kontakts. This will ensure that your voice counts are not greater than the capabilities of your system.

You can furthermore access the Voices Max parameter, found in the patches header, where you can control voice counts as well.

Finally, by reading the user manual for your Kontakt libraries, you should find advice and instructions on how to reduce voice counts and overall CPU consumption.


Getting Started With Kontakt

 Kontakt is a truly awesome instrument and will allow you to create some truly inspiring and memorable music. Use the tips you have just learned to get the most out of your Kontakt instrument.






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