What Makes A Person A Responsible Rummy Player?

We often hear people say that we should play the game responsibly. Now, what exactly do they main. Eventually, it is just a game of rummy and how can such a serious statement be made about it? Well, for people who have such queries, just read along to know:


Patient to Follies

If you are an avid rummy player and know how to play the game well, playing with a new player won’t be easy. If your opponent is just learning the rummy card game, he is bound to make mistakes. It is true that silly mistakes in the game can annoy and disappoint. But at this juncture, it is your duty to behave responsibly. Try to make the gamer understand the right way without losing your patience over it. Only then will you be regarded a responsible player.

Eager to Teach

A good player of the game is always eager to teach others the tricks and tactics of the game which he learnt through experience. Keeping all the tricks to yourself is definitely not responsible gaming. Share what you learn so that others share what they learnt. This is the simplest way to expand your knowledge in rummy game.

Appreciate of Good Games

Many times, when we play a game of rummy with new people, we are exposed to new gaming tactics. When we come across a good strategy, we should be willing to appreciate the same. It shows our level of maturity in the game.

No Cheating

Only cowards cheat to win a game. The strong people know that cheating is futile. It stops your brain from learning new ways of winning justly. It makes your mind work coyly. A good player knows the dangers of cheating and strictly avoids cheating in the game.

Patience is the Key

An impatient player leaves the game as he loses a few rounds. This prevents him from understanding the nuances of the game. A good player is patient. A few losses only help him realise that he should work on his strategies. He does not give up with a few failures. Instead, he tries to work out where he went wrong. With patience, one can modify his methods and thus get back on the winning track. This is a goal that impatient people can never achieve.

Strong Enough to Pass a Turn

Maturity is visible through all aspects of gaming. Maturity also means not leaning on to a poor hand and hoping to win. Good players know this for a fact and thus pass their turn if they are sure the hand is not worth playing. Some may even start playing and half way through realise they are not getting anywhere. This can prompt them to pass the turn and that is definitely better than losing the game completely.

Practice to Perfection

Responsible rummy players understand that just knowing how to play rummy doesn’t really help. You must also practice to enhance your rummy playing skills. They know that beginner’s luck may favour them in the start of the game. But as you proceed, only real strategies and tricks can help you win the game.

Good rummy players create accounts on Khelplay Rummy and similar other sites. They compete with strangers and see how they fair in the game. This is how they transform themselves from good rummy players to experts in the game.

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