What to Look for When Buying Office Chair Rollers

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Chair casters or rollers are an important part of your office chair. Unfortunately, it’s also a part of the chair that not many people think about. There’s a lot more to consider than just style. Below are a few things that you should consider when picking out a new set of rollers for your office chair.

Choose the Right Rollers for Your Floor Type

Some people think that all rollers are the same. However, companies make rollers for different types of flooring. If your office chair is on carpet, for instance, you’ll get better results from hard rollers. For chair mats, vinyl or hardwood floors, soft rollers are a better option. The softer wheels keep you stationary on these hard floor types. They also stand less of a chance of scratching up hardwood floors.

Consider the Weight

Every roller has a weight limit. While plastic rollers are a great fit for standard office chairs, some heavy duty chairs require metal rollers. Don’t worry about the metal rollers making too much noise or hurting your floor because most of them have a rubber lining. The purpose of the metal body is to provide more strength to the roller itself.

Consider a Wider Wheel

Rollers are weakest at their joints. This includes the area at which the roller attaches to the chair and the joint that attaches the wheel to the roller base. Smaller wheels put more pressure on these joints. If a chair is wobbly, it puts even more pressure on the joints. Think of it in the same way as trying to balance on an object with a small surface area. The bigger that the surface area is, the easier that it is for you to maintain balance. The same goes for rollers, so wider wheels provide more surface area.

Get Matching Rollers

Matching rollers not only look better but also provide more support. No matter how similar the rollers look, having different ones doesn’t provide the same balance as using matching rollers. If at all possible, buy rollers in bulk so that you have replacements if you need them.

Picking out the right rollers for your office chair doesn’t have to be hard. However, it’s important that you keep the points above in mind to ensure that you get rollers to stand the test of time. Also, pick out a style of roller that you feel looks good with your office chairs.

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